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Jack Lembeck - Circles of Life

Carnival Square
In the summer of 1973, Crista Lembeck (age 5) and her family lived at a friend's guesthouse along the Hudson palisades in an idyllic area known as Sneden's Landing.

That fall after moving back to the city she wrote her first story on the back of a press release for her father's exhibition at the Razor gallery. On the front she drew a self portrait and printed; "I Love You". She had been an inspiration for her father's work since making her first mark.

The story simply read;"Once upon a time there was a little girl that was walking in the city The End."
She has always been known for a clear perspective.

Crista with SOHO friends including Yukie Ohta ( "The Memory-Keeper of SOHO")

(The SOHO Memory Project)

The Lembecks walking West Broadway from Broome to the 420 Gallerys' Building

In the city, after the SOHO play group Crista attended"P.S.3" , then the United Nations International School. After study in Sweden she earned her BA degree from Vassar. She went on to earn a Masters degree in children's literature from Hollins University, moved to Richmond Virginia and was married. There she found a position where she belonged. She became a research librarian at the Virginia Historical Society.

Adjacent to the Historical Society is The Virginia Museum of Fine Art and the Sidney and Frances Lewis Collection. They have owned the painting "Crista Cross" since it left the loft in 1979 where the "Little Girl in the City" lived.(not yet the end)

An extrordinary discovery occured at the Virginia Historical Society. The director Charles F. Bryan,Jr. and the assistant director Nelson D. Lankford produced an excellent book and exhibition on the subject.

"Sneden's record in words and pictures is remarkable and unique.
You have never read--or seen--a Civil War memoir like this one.
(John Jakes, author of the North and South trilogy)

Crista left the Historical Society for a career as a full time mom.
She is now also Digital Library and Preservation Coordinator, Bibliographic and Digital Services at Boatwright Memorial Library - University of Richmond.

"Crista Cross"


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts



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This site is supported by Tripod and other sponsors

Published continuously on the World Wide Web since 1996