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This site was conceived and launched using free public access computers at the Miami-Dade Public Library in downtown Miami Florida

Public Art can mean more than Public Funding

The LANDMIND concept was introduced in Miami by Jack Lembeck during May 1994 while teaching at the "New World School of The Arts". It was stimulated by the Miami environment (an ideal venue for "art without walls") and a number of collaborative efforts with artists Jeremy Gardiner (CyberArts director) and Susan Banks (ceramist). Both were professors at "New World School Of The Arts" branch of The University of Florida. It was listed as a sculpture class in the course catalog.

The goal of LANDMIND was to create a method for artists to become an influential and integral part of Miami's ever evolving environment by providing a forum of collaboration between artists, students and community members to share ideas, design and execute environmental art projects. Beginning in the fall semester of 1994, a new course was established called Environmental Art/Public Art. It introduced students to the opportunities for artists to work in the public sector while studying basic concepts of art in the environment. Students were exposed to the issues, preparation, development and production of site specific art.

The first semester culminated in a mural project executed by the students for the "Summit of the Americas". This rewarding class experience resulted in the establishment of LANDMIND in its own physical location separate from the school. With the help of property owner Rafael Kapustin the LANDMIND participants expanded to an independent work space located in the center of "downtown" Miami.

A vacant lot was then transformed into an environmental art park and named Brittle Star Park. It was dedicated April 21,1995 in honor of the 25th anniversary of Earth Day. This was followed by a different kind but equally successful project named Windscape.

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This site is supported by Tripod and other sponsors

Published continuously on the World Wide Web since 1996

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